Plains Game Ride

Cawston Wildlife Estate 

Cawston Wildlife Estate is an intimate 32,000-acre family run ranch offering exclusive and personalised safari experiences on their little slice of paradise in the stunning scenic landscapes of Matabeleland, 70kms north of Bulawayo.

The secluded under the cover of a lush riverine forest with views overlooking an active waterhole, sightings of bushbuck, warthog and kudu are a frequent accompaniment to morning coffee.

Large herds of plains game such as giraffe, zebra, impala, eland, wildebeest, tsessebe, sable and many more mammalian species also call Cawston home and can be observed roaming the land from atop your equine altar.

As the sun sets the nightly chorus comes alive with the stirrings of the carnivores

and nocturnal residents………the stealthy prowl of the leopard, the playful leap of the serval and civet, the forlorn wail of the black backed jackal, the busy shuffle of the porcupine and honey badger and the clandestine crawl of the shy brown hyena, one of the top three rarest carnivores in Africa.