Our Horses

Horses are our business!

Our horses are an integral part of the safari – they are loved as part of the family without them we have no business.

Currently, we have a team of 23 horses ranging from experienced safari horses to green backed youngsters.

We use natural horsemanship methods to start all our horses.

Our team of grooms have been trained in some Natural horsemanship ways. 

During the troubled years in Zimbabwe, the horse population dwindled to such an extent it has been necessary for us to invest heavily in bringing up horses from South Africa to supplement our existing Zimbabwe team.

We prefer cross breed horses with some TB in them for athleticism. We also favour the Boerperd Breed the literal farm horse from South Africa for their toughness and sensibility.

Our horses are fit, surefooted, sensible and well-schooled.

Heights range from 15hh to 16.1 hh –predominantly the team consists of Geldings with a few foundation mares that we shall breed from later on.

Importantly all our horses have been hand selected for their job suitability by Janine.

Our breeds include:

  • TB
  • TB X WB
  • TB X

We also have 5 rescue horses breeding unknown. These 5, referred to as the “Lalapanzi 5” for their resilience to survive, were left behind on a ranch in Zimbabwe during the land invasions. They managed to endure many years on their own before being captured by a local landowner who cared for them and eventually passed them into our care. The Lalapanzi 5 were totally wild and unhandled and our estimates at age are between 12 and 7. It’s an ongoing project to get these 5 firstly, catchable, groomable and now rideable. Our aim is for the Lalapanzi  5 to form the basis of the mounted antipoaching unit at Cawston Wildlife Estate.

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