Hwange Explorers Safari

Home to one of the largest elephant populations in Africa

Hwange National Park, the largest National Park in Zimbabwe is home to 400 different species of bird and 107 types of mammals. The region of Hwange National Park that we ride in is underlain by deep Kalahari sands, the perfect terrain for our barefoot horses, the landscape is predominantly flat with no mountains or kopjes in sight, making for some excellent riding conditions and unimpeded views of the vast amount of wildlife that call this area home.

Zambezi Teak and Camelthorn tree woodlands surround a vast number of open waterhole systems, or pans as they are more commonly known. Marvel in the amazing intricate shapes of these grand ancient trees; trees that have shaded and fed thousands upon thousands of animals over the centuries and will also offer you some welcome respite from the African sun when we rest beneath their spreading boughs to enjoy a delicious packed lunch or snack with our noble steeds grazing nearby. Throughout these pan fringe areas numerous mammals roam amongst the wonderful woodlands, in particular elephants and giraffe, and if that isn’t exciting enough there may be the opportunity to sail over a natural jump or two!

Other types of habitats that we ride through and explore include Silver Terminalia, Coppiced Teak, Kalahari Apple Leaf, Kalahari Sand Acacia and the more open grasslands near the “pans.”