Horse & Hippo Safari

Matobo National Park, Cawston Wildlife Estate & Mana Pool

This ride is for strong intermediate to experienced riders. Paces will be medium with a number of canters. There will be logs to jump (nothing serious) rough ground to navigate and trees to avoid!

Suitable for families with children over 12 who are confident and capable riders.

No dangerous wildlife such as elephant, buffalo or lion are found in the areas of Cawston and Matobo.

The ideal time to visit is from April through to end of November. December and Jan riding is possible, but heavy rain is highly likely. The Mana Shoreline Canoe Safari only operates from April to November.

Due to wet season we close in February. March is possible but wet for riding.

Early morning temperatures in May, June, July and early August can get to zero degrees Celsius. Midday temperatures at those times are very comfortable and may reach high 20’s by end of August. September through November mornings are much warmer and midday temperatures can get to the high 30’s. In the Zambezi Valley early mornings get to 5C at the lowest and October November temperatures can get into the mid 40’s.

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